COBRA Penalty Cost Employer $1.85 Million

Paying $1.85 million in COBRA penalties would certainly be a wake-up call for most companies.  It was in the case of Pierce v. Visteon Corp., No. 1:05-cv-01325-LJM-DKL (S.D. Ind., June 25, 2013), where an Indiana federal court ordered Visteon to pay $1.85 million to former employees who did not receive COBRA notices in a timely manner (some never received notices).  Visteon wil...
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ERISA – Employee Retirement Income Security Act

A quick overview of ERISA: Company size does not matter; all companies regardless of size are subject to ERISA guidelines. ERISA is a set of DOL (Department of Labor) guidelines that regulate employer sponsored 'health and welfare' benefit plans. Government and Church employers are exempt from ERISA guidelines (must have 501-exempt status, may not elect IRC Section 410 ...
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