Workplace Wellness

Improving employee health and wellbeing one step at a time

Wellness programs improve the health of your employees and your company.  Shown to reduce costs, improve productivity, and reduce absenteeism wellness programs are a great addition your total benefit package.  We help you build and customize a wellness campaign specific to the needs of your company and employees to maximize outcomes and ROI.

Program Assessment & Design
We help you build and customize a wellness campaign specific to your company and employee needs.  If you don’t have the time or manpower for an in-depth program we provide an easily customizable wellness package so you can use resources and tools already in place to get your employees on the path to better health.

Evaluation & Strategy
Parelius wants your program to be a success and that takes ongoing evaluation and strategic planning.  We work with you throughout the program lifecycle to see what is working and where changes need to be made.  We ensure your company’s wellness program hits the right mark by being: employee focused, measurable, engaging, and efficient.

We help you implement and promote your workplace wellness program through monthly employee newsletters, educational flyers, calendar of events, walking programs, and health challenges so your employees stay engaged and realize the benefits of your wellness program.

Vendor Management
Once we’ve developed a plan to fit your goals and budget we work with you to leverage both in-house resources and external vendor offerings.  We’ll look at your current benefit programs and utilize existing tools available through benefit carriers and no-cost programs available through Parelius.  When you’re ready for a more interactive program we assist in vendor selection, evaluation, and getting you the best price for your wellness campaigns.